Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're Going to China!

We just purchased our tickets to Hong Kong! We will stay will Eric's brother and his family in October! To celebrate, here is a post about Eric's new "old" Chinese camera - a gift from his brother that he found in a Jade Market in Hong Kong. Estimated to be made between 1950 and 1954, apparently the store had an entire wall of these bad boys. Medium format, double lens reflex, and full of character, it came with a cool leather case and shoulder strap.  It was made by the Pearl River Camera Company, which was a "Hong Kong company" and not actually a "China proper company" - which is a good thing!
Here is the Mountain Man with his camera, along with some of the medium format images that were developed at Penn Camera.

We used it in conjunction with the digital camera on Katie and Derek's photo shoot. This was the first roll developed since we got the camera in December. Immediately after picking up the film we were surprised with the results - sharp, nice color, and overall good quality. Eric's parents were excellent models on Easter!

The only complaint with this camera is that there is no light meter so everything has to be metered separately and that can be tedious in situations of moving a cherry blossom tree.

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