Saturday, April 10, 2010

Design Spotlight 1: YEE HAW Industrial Letterpress

It is our intention to feature creative organizations on this blog. We support stellar forms of visual communication and we hope to provoke thoughtful discussions and new ideas. Here is our first Design Spotlight, written by GA:

Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress & Design Co. was founded in 1997 by Kevin Bradley and Julie Belcher. The two set up shop in a small barn in Corbin, Kentucky with a dream and a Vandercook Universal 3 Proofing Press. They are currently located in Tennessee and have found a successful niche with their fresh and bold letterpress prints. They specialize in "original art-like products - from letterpress posters promoting special events, music acts and theatre show to handmade, woodcut, fine art prints." The interaction of type and image on their prints has a bold and modern twist, while still keeping the traditional handmade feel. 

As a print designer in a society that is increasingly web-centric, I believe that the pieces created by this company are beautiful examples of why working with paper so special and necessary. YEE HAW is at the forefront of the letterpress revival that has been growing since the 90s . I have collected a few of their cards and calendars, and I hope to purchase the DADA poster that was used to promote the 2006 exhibition at the National Gallery of Art.

I am excited to share their handmade goodness with you. Check out their blog and their site on etsy, and enjoy some of their sample pieces here.


  1. Shortly after writing this post, we signed up to take a one-day letterpress workshop in May at Railway Station Press in Alexandria, VA! We are stoked!

  2. I love the I brake for robot zombies <3