Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Design Spotlight: Toy Soldier Typeface by Oliver Munday

Featured on PRINT, Oliver Munday created a typeface out of plastic soldiers that he strategically set on fire and melted, producing an alphabetical army of the wounded and maimed. The result is playfully morbid, ain't it?


  1. I like em :)
    I didn't know this but those little green army men have 5 or 4 standard positions - being a girl who played with Barbies I didn't know this.

    I really like your blog - you two are very interesting and do way awesome stuff!!!

  2. that raises a GOOD point - many classic toys for boys (like plastic soldiers) are loved and unaltered for generations - why fix it if it ain't broke? But then there is Barbie, whose appearance has a makeover/facelift/identity crisis every few years! what does that say to little girls??

    LOVE your blog too, we look forward to seeing more of your colorful creations! we appreciate fellow polaroid lovers :)

  3. playfull morbid is the word:) I was like: COOL!...mabey..? haha<3

  4. this is pretty rad! thanks for following my blog!