Thursday, April 29, 2010

Discoveries in Fells Point, Baltimore

If you find yourself in Baltimore, MD, be sure to check out the waterfront area of Fells Point. Small-town charm in the middle of a big city! Here are some photos from our day of exploring...

We recommend:
BOP Brick Oven Pizza for the best loaded pizza and Ms. Pac Man
Ze Mean Bean Cafe for wine tastings, coffee and fancy Eastern European fare
Woody's Rum Bar and Island Grill for reggae jams, a heavy dose of tropical flavored drinks, and a great view of the harbor
Max's Taphouse for their huge selection of over 100 beers on tap

We'd love it if you add to our list! We'll be back :)


  1. Ah, Fells Point. I met my husband in Fells. Ze Mean Bean Cafe is in my Top 10 fave restaurants. Love it!

    I'd love you guys to come and check out the Ballston A&C Market Opening Day on May 8th. Those earrings should be there! :)


  2. i want that matroyshka chair.

  3. :) Never been, but now if I do I'll know where to go!
    I love the yarn graffiti so much!!

    That dunny on my site - I didn't design it :) I wish!! I haven't used paint markers - I think sharpies are the best but I'm not totally sure! If you find out let me know!!

  4. Jess: How romantic! We LOVED the wine at Ze Mean Bean, and the atmosphere. We'll be sure to visit The Market and we'll bring a camera!

    tifsong: I love how you know that's a matroyshka chair. and if you go to ze mean bean, maybe you can sneak out with one or two....hehe

    Becky: That was our first "yarn grafitti" sighting ever - we loved it! The tag says And I want me some DUNNYS n MUNNYS!!

  5. Love the Yarn Bombing! we have a group of Yarn Bombers here in Hartford - they call themselves the Knitty Gritty Committee. HEHE!