Sunday, April 25, 2010

dc meanderings

What started as a visit to the Smithsonian Craft Show became a day of impromptu wandering and cultural finds. Start to finish: We began at the National Building Museum with our friends, Lauren and Corey...
We had our first Chinatown (more like ChinaBLOCK) lunch at Chinatown Express, where they hand make their noodles and dumplings in the window! It was recommended to us by Lawrence, Eric's photog friend (and eating buddy!) and it was delicious. Thanks Lawrence!

Then we found THIS dude on Constitution Ave.......
Who IS he? If you've seen him around town, please let us know. Eric has also seen him on K street by the Georgetown Waterfront. We like him!
Also said Hello to this guy. What a HOOT!
Eric enjoyed this hydrogen fuel cell car in the Earth Day tent
At the Hirshorn, we found andy warhol and marilyn's lips

and sculptures
We went to the Air and Space Museum in search of the illustrious Astronaut Ice Cream. Eric was thrilled to see the Spaceship One aircraft - the first commercial space craft to be launched into space, and then relaunched two weeks later. Seats are available through Virgin Galactic, but hurry - they are booked until 2011!
Our day concluded with a metro ride. Oddly enough, it was our first metro trip together, even though we've know each other since we were 15. We really enjoyed wandering together. Sometimes it's nice to be a tourist in your own city.


  1. DC's Stikman:

  2. SWEETNESS!! thanks heather! :)