Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Touring the Fairfax Public Access Studios

Much of the general public does not know about the gem that is Fairfax Public Access. It is a nonprofit, government-funded and Cox cable-funded organization with valuable resources to creatives. The Arlington-based station has 4 studios (3 television and 1 radio) complete with sets, desks, cameras, lighting, production equipment, computers, green screens, editing software galore, and is accessible to YOU at the cost of a $26 membership fee! Studio time can be reserved, and the resulting materials can be broadcasted on channels 10, 30, or 37 for FREE! We love the idea of being able to make our own tv show (about art, photography, cooking, scuba.... hey, we're diverse!!) Apparently the boundaries are close to limitless - the stations will air anything that is in English and does not advertise a product or use profanity. We encourage anyone with a mild curiosity in tv or radio to check this place out. We had our orientation to the studios today. Here are some shots from our tour.


  1. Can you spotlight non-profit events or is that considered a 'product'?

  2. We went back for a production class last nite and I asked about promoting non-profit events, etc. and they said that is fine and great! They DON'T want to air product endorsements (like 30 minute shows plugging SHAMWOW! or SNUGGIES!) They are def worth checking out for ADA.