Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Design Spotlight: Janine Rewell

Suntan design created with tanning booth and vinyl stickers, 2008. Twenty-three year old Janine Rewell from Helsinki is featured in this month's issue of PRINT. In her interview, she observes: "For Americans, everything has to be written down. You have to be really clear about the concepts. For other countries, you don't have to explain so much."
Rewell bring up an interesting point; a frustration that I have with many of my clients. The need to be wordy, literal, politically correct, obvious - often hinders the creative process and, as a result, the quality of the finished piece. The U.S. tends not to be as conceptual as say, Europe, when it comes to design. We can gain so much by adopting their simplistic, provocative styles. In order to encourage conceptual progress in America, it is necessary for designers to risk rejection by continuing to present their clients with original ideas. If we stop, the artistic inventiveness of visual communications will fade.
Please share your comments! You can view the rest of Janine's article here. And if I ever use a tanning booth again, THAT is how I want to look when I walk out.

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