Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Wooden Buildings

On a drive through the country, we found ourselves in The Plains, VA. We discovered Piedmont Vineyards, located on a pre-Revolutionary estate near Middleburg. The property's manor house is a Virginia Historic Landmark - built in 1755, restored as a dairy farm in 1942, until it was finally tranformed into a winery in the 1970s. We enjoyed a uniquely refreshing lemon + orange sangria at the winery. Eric had the opportunity to take some striking images of the old buildings on the property using a photographic process known as High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Of course with the last 2 photographs, there was no special technique required to make GA look beautiful...she does that all on her own. We would like to share these photos with you and get your feedback about them:


  1. Oh I love them! Those old wooden buildings are wonderful! And yes the last 2 photos are very lovely :)

  2. Oh, these photos are out of control!! I'm from Texas and I can't get enough of rustic barns and abandoned cottages that scream character. Great shots!

    PS I'm having a giveaway! Come check it out :)