Sunday, May 2, 2010

Diving at the Aquarium

When he isn't doing photo shoots, Eric volunteers as a diver at the Baltimore Aquarium. This gets me the behind-the-scenes hookup to see him in action with the sting rays, schools of fish, and Calypso - the turtle with one missing fin.

Eric said I also had a free pass to the dolphin show, but I wasn't interested, as I am an advocate against dolphins in captivity. You'll never catch me at Sea World! When you have time, please check out The Cove. Ric O'Barry, the original dolphin trainer for Flipper, heads this year's Oscar-winning documentary film following a team of activists, filmmakers, and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to Taiji, Japan to uncover secret mass dolphin killings. If you would like to get involved with stopping such horrible murders, the first step is creating awareness to the public.


  1. That is SO rad!! Sea/ sea life, is one of my favorite things ever! What I would give for that experience...

  2. whoa!! the turtle!! what an amazing experience...I'm following you guys now too. yay!

  3. What an awesome gig, and great shots! Stingrays are so fascinating.

  4. wow. this looks like so much fun! we're hoping to learn to scuba one day.

    what's "Famiglios" ... and one day, after this around-the-world trip, we want to drive across the US so we might hit Baltimore then!