Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Olly Moss's Star Wars Posters

Olly Moss just gained a lot more sci-fi fans. We featured him in a recent Design Spotlight and now he is making headlines on sites everywhere with his gorgeous Star Wars collectible print series. Yesterday, 400 sets of the 3 icon posters sold out in a matter of minutes at $50 dollars apiece, $150 for the set. Now they are going for upwards of $1000 on ebay. Moss announced on his blog today that he will sell the remaining 50 sets tomorrow - for a lucky few that can afford them at $500. We find them to be a perfect marriage of Eric's sci-fi nerdiness and GA's love of print design, and we wish we could snag a set. At least we can say we discovered him before the Star Wars fanatics!

We can't afford the $500 price tag, but Eric promptly purchased GA a different Olly Moss print for Christmas. It is called "Sea Saw." We find it quite clever!

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