Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Proposal

So maybe the ring wasn't a surprise, since we picked it out together... But Eric adamantly wanted to plan a secret proposal outing. He prepared a gourmet picnic of seared tuna salads with mango salsa, several cheeses and strawberries and sparkling blood orange juice. He drove us into the countryside, and I was delighted when I realized he was driving to Shenandoah National Park. He had mapped out an overlook with a beautiful sunset view. Even thought it was an overcast afternoon, we saw glimpses of burning pinks behind the mountains.
With the help of another photography friend he had created an awesome painting with light video which he played for me on his laptop. The lights spelled out "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" with lots of adorable dancing heart shapes. While I was watching it, he realized the ring had fallen out somewhere along the path! He told me later he ran and luckily grabbed it out of the grass without my noticing, and held the ring out to me at the end of the video. He spoke words that were so simple and filled with love. The were very happy and giddy, and we took way too many photos after that. It was a beautiful afternoon. I am so blessed to have such a romantic, genuine fiance.
Here are some shots from the day using Eric's Nikkormat EL with 35mm film! -GA


  1. Congrats, so exciting!!! A sweet way to ask as well :-)